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Ural Ranger / Gear Up electronic interface for onboard diagnostics

Posted on 9. October 2015 in Motorcycles

Hi Folks,

i did some research on the electronics of my sidecar, a URAL Ranger ( or Gear Up in the US) model year 2014. This machine uses an electronic fuel injection (EFI) instead of a standard carburetor. Unfortunately this means some additional reverse engineering to get full access to all aspects this machine.



1.) Which connector is being used?

The “protection” cap is also a working connector, but i didn’t want to use it, so i ordered another one from RS-components. (RS order number 511-0168)

Molex MX150L – 6 Pole  /  MOLEX 19418-0011
link to shop

In addition to the connector, it is mandatory to insert the pins. (RS order number 511-0067)
link to shop


2.) How to connect to a remote OBD device?

I used a OBD (on board diagnostics) cable extension 1m from ebay, which i cut in half and soldered the pins according to the schematic below


Molex connecter – OBD Pins

2 CAN LO – 14 CAN LO
3 BAT GND – 4 chase GNDand 5 signal GND
4 BAT + – 16 Supply Voltage

resulting in the following cable



3.) Readout data from the motorcycle

For reading out the data i am using a DIAMEX Scandevil. This is a handheld ODB scanner, so no additional software is needet to read out data from the motorcycle. It is also possible to insert a SD card and store sensor values directly on the flash drive, while riding the bike.

link to manufacturer


My first tests worked out great, i was able to detect both EFI units, read out the sensor values like RPM, outside temperature and ignition timing.


7 thoughts on “Ural Ranger / Gear Up electronic interface for onboard diagnostics”

  • Der Teufel says:

    If it was the case I have the program used by the Ural dealer, Is it possible to connect an usb cable to this port on the motorcycle directly? What would be the pinout diagramthen?

  • Darrell Spitzer says:

    On the OBDWiz program, do you know how to set up a dashboard that shows the timing and both cylinder head temps?

  • Shaun says:

    Hi, is anyone here able to help me with the ECU pinout, I’m trying to find out which pins are O2+ and O2-

    • Michael says:

      Hello Cycletronic,
      i assume you mean O2+ and – means the O2 sensor or lambda probe, i dont know the exact pinout, but it should be very easy if you take a look at the wiring diagrams located at https://www.imz-ural.com/owners-manuals/
      in combination with a multimeter it should be very easy to just “beep” the lines

  • Frederik W Koenen says:

    Good stuff but as a mechanical eng. I am blind yet.

    To make it easy for me please advise how can provide me witht the hole OBD set Ural Ranger 2016 , it has a 4 pin connector.
    Thanks in advandce 🙂

  • Rieseberger says:

    Hallo und guten Tag,
    An meiner Ural Retro Bauj. 2018 befindet sich der Rundstecker im Lampengehäuse. Gibt es hier auch eine Lösungsmöglichkeit, um den Handscanner anzuschließen? Würde mir den Scanner dann sofort zulegen.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

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