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Ural butt warmer for the cold months

Posted on 18. October 2015 in Motorcycles

Hi folks,
brace yourself, winter is coming. To prevent myself from freezing while winter driving, I decided to tune my motorcycle with a seat heater, alias “butt warmer”.
This modification if very simple, but took some time to make it practical in terms of usability and maintenance.

List of materials:

  • heating element, 12V – 38W, 320x137mm, link to shop
  • automotive fuse, 10A
  • automotive water resistant connectors, 2 pins from ebay (AMP superseal)
  • switch rated 6A with protective cover
  • scrap metal and a little box as housing

This is the schematic. The box contains an LED, which is used to indicate the status of the heating element. Because the switch is not connected to the ignition key, the heater will continue working, even if the motorcycle is not running. A problem of this wiring scheme, if you forget to turn of the heater, it will completely drain the battery!
Advantage of this scheme is the ability to directly hook up a charger to the battery, without needing to remove the battery from the vehicle.


Put everything in a little box, seal it, so the box is waterproof. Also add two connectors, male and female, so accidentally cross the wires is excluded. If you cross the wires, you will see the result, because the LED is always on, the heater will be able to be switched on and off normally.


Put the heating element on top of the seat, seal it with protective cover and solder a connector to it.


Hide the connector to the battery underneath the box (to loosen the box, only 2 screws need to be removed). Leave the connector to the seat above, to it can be easily disconnected.


Riding with the heater:
My first impression was very bad. I soldered everything together, threw the switch and nothing happened. After 2 minutes the heat started, but just by touching it with my hands, it felt very cold.
So i decided to do a little test ride, with outside temperatures of about 12 – 5 *C. I was wearing a jean and on top of it protective trousers. The system works perfectly, even trough the large amount of clothes! Because of the large heating area and directly sitting on the pad, it takes about 1 minute to heat up. After 3 minutes i needed to switch it off, because the temperature was very hot 😉
Because of the mounting position, i can directly switch the heater on while driving with ease. Switching off is even simpler, because by closing the protective cover, the switch will also move to off position.

This modification is very simple, works great, costs about 50€ and a weekend with some free time. It’s a good addition for winter drivers and may be removed in about 20 minutes.



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