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Rescue a DNT DigiMicro C11 Digital Microscope from scrap

Posted on 18. December 2015 in low voltage experiments

There is a very simple way to get an old DNT DigMicro C11 camera working in Windows 8.1. The company DNT has moved on with a newer products like the “DigiMicro Scale 2.0” link to product page , but stopped support for older products. Unfortunately the newer software does not recognize the old hardware, so i found a way to make this product working on a modern system (W8.1).

In the device manager, the camera hardware id was detected as:


The valid driver for this camera is “SN9C201” from Sonix Inc.
download the driver file (USB20PCCam_5.7.26000.0.exe) from the link below USB20PCCam_5.7.26000.0.exe


the device will be detected in the device manager

To display the image i used the VLC Mediaplayer, available from http://www.videolan.org. Open the player and use the function “CTRL + C” open device. Set the mode to “Direct Show”, device to “USB2.0 PC Camera (SN9C201)” and the audio to “None”, this step is mandatory or it will not work correctly!


The device works perfectly

2 thoughts on “Rescue a DNT DigiMicro C11 Digital Microscope from scrap”

  • Matteo Vitiello says:

    hello i have problam, i cant swich the led , the driver dont suport the led from the mikroskope .thanks

  • Michael says:

    Dear Matteo,
    sorry i can’t help you with that, maybe there is a chance to solder the led to an external switch so you may control it manually.

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