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Ural Ranger steering damper repair

Posted on 14. March 2016 in Motorcycles

Hi all,
recently the steering damper of my sidecar went dry, so it did not work correctly. Dismounting the damper was quite easy, but problematic was opening the end screw of the damper, to refill the oil. Because the damper screws are made of aluminuim, the risk of damaging the screw is very high.
The only way around is to build a proper tool for opening the device.

end screw with little notches

first mockup of the tool in CAD

after a little mechanical work

testing the tool

the cad is available for download here

The tools material is also aluminium, because i dont want the tool to be a harder metal then the screw.
So far this little hack works great, no more problems opening the damper, a 100% fixed grip and no risk of damaging the damper.

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