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Fix android black screen while telephone call, unable to end call

Posted on 9. August 2017 in low voltage experiments

Hi all,

recently i had a serious problem with my Android Sony Xperia Z3. Everything is working perfectly, but as soon as i receive a call and i accept it, the display turns off and i am unable to use the phone. After doing a little research, it seems this is quite a common problem for the Xperia phones.

The reason is very simple, there is a proximity sensor on board, which detects if the phone is held to the ear. If so, the display will turn black, to prevent accidentally pushing any buttons (like dismiss call ).





How did i manage to fix this issue?

1.) Hotfix to be able to use the phone and end a call, even with black screen


Enable “Power button ends call”

2.) Do a hardware test and see if the sensor is working

Settings -> About phone ->Diagnostics->Test -> Ear proximity

3.) Lucky in my case the sensor is working, but only if i apply pressure to it, doing so i found out that the display is loosing connection to the housing. If there is a gap between the sensor and the display, it will not work correctly, so time to glue the display to the housing.

4.) get a cheap replacement “display seal” from ebay (look for “xperia z3 klebedichtung” in german)

5.) Switch off the phone, clean the whole display on the outside

6.) Carefully heat up the front plate with a hairdryer, remove the front display.

7.) Clean all sensors on the inside

8.) Put in the new seal and press the cleaned display to the housing to have a solid connection

9.) Turn on the phone and see if everything is working again 😉



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