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Ural Ranger EFI Fuel Sensor Update

Posted on 11. March 2020 in Motorcycles

Dear All,
it’s been a while since i had to fiddle around with my fuel sensor. My custom controller solution works fine since 2016, but after 4 years, my sensor stopped working again. So i spent some time searching for a proper solution and i came across a thread in the sovietsteeds.com forum


I want to thank the user “Trevorski” for sharing his find of a perfect replacement part!

The upper sensor was shipped with my URAL, it is made out of Trogamid, which can withstand gasoline, but has some issues in the long term, causing the detection of the liquid to fail.

The bottom sensor is the replacement from a company called SST Sensing, the part number is “LLG210D324-004”. Its made out of steel with a glass tip, which has a higher chemical resistance to gasoline, so in theory this should work for a longer period of time. The sensor can by bought from RS-Online, RS Order Nr “193-6762” for approx 130€.


I hooked this sensor up to my control board and it was plug and play. But this solution will also work as a direct replacement for the existing sensor, without any additional electronics.

There is also a replacement available from the dealer, which is basically a floating switch. But installing this is much more effort then this simple component swap.

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