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Jacobs ladder and steel wool

Posted on 9. October 2015 in high voltage experiments

This article displays just some pictures made from a simple two wire jacob’s ladder with steel wool cover. The steel wool ignites and creates hot arrows shooting from the center of the spark gap.


a single spark climbing up the ladder, but with longer light exposure


the spark is igniting the steel wool


steel wool wound up to an isolating stick, arking to a metal plate

Small Tesla Coil – 0,5 m height – 20W

Posted on 9. October 2015 in high voltage experiments

Some pictures from my smallest Tesla coil, driven by a fly back transformer from an old TV and a 555 timer IC. This machine works at about 15kHz, and drives a single IGBT450 FET, with an operation Voltage of about 12V.

Light bulb lit without wires attached

small arks from the top ~15cm

additional arcs, the lamp in the background is lit, although it is not switched on




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